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ultrasonic water meter


the ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter that further calculates the water flow rate by detecting the time difference caused by the change of the speed when the ultrasonic sound beam propagates in the opposite direction in the water. it can guarantee long-term use and long-term measurement under various complicated conditions. it can be widely used in water supply metering management of water supply companies to measure drinking cold water flowing through tap water pipes. execute "measurement of water flow in closed pipelines of gb/t778.1-2019 drinking cold water meter and hot water meter part 1-3"; "cjt 434-2013 ultrasonic water meter"; "jjg 162-2009 cold water meter verification procedure"

一、technical characteristics:

  • ultrasonic metering principle, no mechanical rotating parts inside without wear, can ensure durable use and long-term measurement under various complicated conditions; measurement accuracy is 2。

  • equipped with infrared communication interface; optional m-bus remote transmission interface, lora wireless remote transmission interface, or nb-iot remote transmission interface for remote meter reading; support real-time data communication。

  • with automatic diagnosis abnormal alarm function, mainly including battery power shortage, pipe waterless, pipeline leakage, pipe burst, reverse installation alarm.

  • battery power detection: when the battery is low, the lcd shows low battery and is transmitted to the management system.

  • flow signal detection: when there is no water in the pipeline and the converter has no signal, the system automatically stores the error message and prompts the alarm.

  • pipeline leak detection: when the flow signal continues to run for a long time (such as 24 hours, it can be set), there may be water leakage, the system automatically stores the error message and prompts the alarm.。

  • pipe burst detection: if the water meter detects a large flow for more than half an hour, the system automatically stores an error message and prompts an alarm.

  • water flow direction detection: when installing water meter, the water meter program automatically detects the direction of water flow when there is water flow. when the water flow direction is opposite to the direction of the arrow indicating the body, the system automatically stores the error message and prompts the alarm.

ultrasonic water meter

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