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table valve integrated nb remote water meter


this product has the patent technology of independent invention. the patented technology name is “the impeller gravity balance device of large-diameter screw-wing water meter and its gravity balance method”, “- an electric ball valve anti-rust device and rust-proof smart water meter”. the suspended screw-wing internal structure is adopted, and the straight pipe section is designed. the axial direction of the impeller is the same as the axial direction of the water supply pipe, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, small pressure loss and small starting motion. built-in nb-iot iot chip and module, using nb-iot iot network to realize remote reading function of water meter usage data. the water meter has a built-in stainless steel ball valve, which can realize the remote meter reading remote control valve function. for malicious users, it can remotely close the valve. it is suitable for management and metering charges of large-capacity water meters such as enterprise users, supporting master tables, and specific users. it is easy to maintain and easy to use. it is the preferred water resource management department to remotely manage water meters and large-caliber iot water meters.

一、technical characteristics:

  • advanced technology: it adopts suspended screw-wing internal structure and straight pipe section design, featuring small pressure loss, small initial flow, wear resistance and long life.;

  • one-piece valve design: built-in stainless steel ball valve, remote switch valve can be realized through nb-iot platform network

  • easy installation: dn32, 40, 50 are equipped with threaded interface installation, dn80, 100 are connected by flange piece, size standard, easy to install;

  • long battery life: high-performance large-capacity battery in the remote communication module, ensuring wireless remote transmission work for 2~4 years, and easy to replace;

  • timed reading function: regularly report water consumption data through the nb-iot platform network every day;

  • battery voltage reading function: the battery voltage data is reported regularly every day through the nb-iot platform network.

table valve integrated nb remote water meter

parameters & installation


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