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a multi-card type smart ic card hot water meter


this water meter is a public water type prepaid water meter. one meter is equipped with multiple intelligent prepaid water meter cards. it is suitable for prepaid water management of public water in schools, bathrooms, public spaces, etc. it is the preferred smart card for public water management department. hot water meter. suitable for water temperature above 0 degrees celsius, below 90 degrees celsius.

一、technical characteristics:

  • the use of internationally accepted ppo materials that meet the requirements of pure water saves resources, is healthy and environmentally friendly;

  • a table can be equipped with multiple cards, not limited to the number of cards. the table can be executed in groups, and the cards can be used on the same group of tables. different groups of cards cannot be mixed.;

  • prepaid function, one person, one card, plug and play, unattended and convenient management; accurate billing according to the water flow, deducting the balance;

  • patented ball valve is adopted, which has long service life, small pressure loss, and is not easy to block.;

  • use contactless card,safe data reading and good stability,convenient and access control attendance、canteens for sale, borrowing books, etc.。

a multi-card type smart ic card hot water meter

parameters & installation


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