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smart ic card pure water meter


this water meter uses internationally-accepted ppo materials that meet the requirements of pure water, saving resources, healthy and environmentally-friendly pure water meters. it adopts anti-magnetic anti-jamming design to ensure correct metering and reliable operation. it is equipped with smart ic card, which is a convenient intelligent ic card type pure water meter.

一、technical characteristics:

  • volumetric meter, measured in liters, with extremely high sensitivity;

  • prepaid function, using contact ic card, card recharge, data storage security

  • early warning function, the remaining water volume is insufficient to close the valve alarm, and the card is opened;

  • the remaining water volume is zero, and the water is available after recharging the water;

  • one-card function, support one card multi-table, realize water, electricity, gas meter card;

  • micro power consumption design, battery life is more than 6 years, battery low alarm indication;

  • the watch valve is designed in one piece, beautiful and reliable.

  • 本产品与自助式净水机配套使用,实现自助式充值用水

smart ic card pure water meter

parameters & installation


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