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screw-wing smart ic card water meter


this water meter is a vertical screw-wing rf card smart water meter. the use of a number of original patents (name: an electronic screw-wing smart small-caliber water meter; screw-type small-diameter water meter internal fluid transmission device; electronic water meter automatic error correction verification, etc.), the vertical screw wing patent technology used in small-diameter water meters, smart rf card water meters.

  • vertical installation, occupying space is too small, the performance is super good; the valve can be added in the table to support the remote control valve function. usage data hd lcd display, electromechanical dual display

  • choose internationally-used ppo materials that meet the requirements of pure water, healthy and environmentally friendly

  • electronic high-sensitivity water meter with small starting flow and automatic error correction

  • the power supply battery ensures that the water meter works normally for more than six years.

  • multi-event recording function to record 12 months of water consumption

  • built-in precision clock, with management software to achieve ladder water price

  • one meter and one card record water consumption, prepaid function, first use water after recharging

  • one-card function, support one card multi-table, realize water and electricity card

screw-wing smart ic card water meter

parameters & installation


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