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rotor-type lora remote water meter


the water meter is based on a rotary-wing dry multi-flow meter, which adopts electronic direct reading technology and mechanical display. built-in lora wireless chip, along with the company's existing "patent ball valve technology", "anti-magnetic patent technology" and other proprietary intellectual property rights, with easy installation, accurate measurement, reliable performance and other advantages.

this water meter was launched in 2012. the first batch of users have been running stably for nearly 8 years, and the performance is reliable. it is also one of the remote water meters with our top shipments. it is an ideal iot water meter product for water management departments such as water companies and real estate property companies.

一、technical characteristics:

  • the base table complies with the national standard gb/t778-2007 "drinking cold water meter and hot water meter"

  • all technical indicators are in line with cj/t 224-2006 "electronic remote water meter" standard

  • "patent ball valve", "anti-magnetic patent" and other patented technologies, is the preferred charge management measuring instrument of the water company

  • using a dry base meter, the lora wireless intelligent control module is fixed on the internal circuit board of the water meter.

  • table valve integrated design, the valve can be added in the table, support remote control valve, superior performance

  • micro-power design, built-in high-capacity lithium battery, to ensure the normal use of water meters for more than 6 years

  • anti-freezing function: the whole table uses patented technology to improve anti-icing performance within -8 °c

  • real-time reading function: real-time reading function can be realized through remote meter reading platform software

  • battery voltage reading function: battery voltage data through remote meter reading platform software

  • support ladder water price, support prepaid, postpaid

rotor-type lora remote water meter

parameters & installation


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