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detachable nb remote water meter


this water meter uses a number of proprietary intellectual property rights such as the patented technology of “disassemblable intelligent remote water meter” and “anti-freezing patent technology” of the company. the base watch is a wet ordinary water meter, and the nb-iot intelligent remote transmission module is installed on the top to form a smart remote water meter. the technology is stable and reliable, and it is easy to disassemble and maintain. it is suitable for the renovation of old watches of one household and one meter, as well as the installation of households and the metering and charging of new buildings. the after-sales management is very convenient and humanized. it is the preferred nb-iot iot water meter for water resources management.

、technical characteristics

  • the base table complies with the national standard gb/t778-2007 "drinking cold water meter and hot water meter"

  • all technical indicators are in line with cj/t 224-2006 "electronic remote water meter" standard

  • the patented technology can be split to facilitate metering, charging and maintenance replacement of the water fee management department.

  • low installation requirements: the use of ordinary wet mechanical water meters, size standards, easy to install;

  • convenient maintenance: the detachable design is adopted, and the “remote transmission module” is fixed on the base table. the base table and the remote transmission module are easy to disassemble and install, and the maintenance is convenient;

  • double battery backup: the remote module is equipped with 1 high-performance battery and 1 spare battery to ensure the normal working time of the water meter is ≥6 years;

  • high measurement accuracy: using a wet base meter, the initial flow rate is small, and the anti-drip device can be added;

  • anti-freezing function: the whole table is applied with patented technology, which can improve the anti-icing performance within -8 °c;

  • timed reading function: regularly report water consumption data through the nb-iot platform network every day;

  • battery voltage reading function: the battery voltage data is reported regularly every day through the nb-iot platform network.

detachable nb remote water meter

parameters & installation


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