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hangzhou jingda is one of the meter association
source:      release time:2009/04/14
hangzhou jingda is one of the four enterprises in meter association ,and one of the members to amendment new industry standards for "cj/t133-2007ic cold water meter".it`s series water meters won the honor of " technology achievement award" issued by ministry of construction. the main products as intelligent water meters and system of water supply and remoter meter reading system with a number of national patent are well received by domestic overseas customers.these intellectual property of software and handware owned by jingda has reached international advanced level.the enterprise continuous technological innovation is promoted by a younger, professional, high-quality r & d team accumulated over ten years
   to innovate the technology and in line with international technology standards,jingda keeps on cooperating with other enterprises from different countries as turkey, korea,u.s.a in r&d and selling of intelligent gas and water meters.jingda has become the first brand of intelligent water meters for exporting in china with the customers all over south africa,brazil, chile,turkey, mexico. the bigger the company is ,the greater responsibility it has, jingda`s goal is to think over customers vexation and anxiety considerately.

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